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Our definition of educational needs includes need for mental, emotional, social, and physical growth. We have created a solid infrastructure, thorough curriculum, and technology-driven value-based delivery system in terms of achieving these goals. RILLS offers a rich and stimulating curriculum. It includes a foreign language (all children learn spoken English from reception onward) national language, art, design and basic sciences. Core subjects like maths and English give your children the excellent literacy and numeracy skills they need, whatever path they choose in life Urdu language curriculum helps to compose proud Pakistanis, whereas, Islamic studies curriculum covers nitty-gritty of Islam. Science curriculum introduce the excitement of scientific investigation while our lively social studies curriculum gives the students a deeper understanding of the world in which they live. Every child can SHINE at RILLS. Whether they are wizards at maths, have an eye for design or are great in the playground.
  • While keeping an eye on national curriculum, RILLS generally follows the Cambridge Curriculum.
  • RILLS registration number is PK968.
  • RILLS is registered with PEPRIS.