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"Can we create a system of education that keeps our kids' faces bright throughout their education?" The fundamental concept of RILLS is this query. And RILLS is determined to take on this challenge. The RILLS schools' guiding principle is that real education should be a harmonious combination of intelligence and character. We teach our students how to make the most of their intrinsic abilities while also modelling good social behavior, so preparing them to be responsible members of society on a worldwide scale. Eve
ry student will surpass their individual potential in all facets of their growth, according to the school's mission statement. We think that learning helps pupils acquire qualities like responsibility, self-motivation, and self-discipline. By introducing our children to autonomous study and self-initiative through purposeful activities in the early years of their education, we help them reach their maximum potential as they go through the grades, into secondary education, and finally into higher education. We create system where children can grow in self-worth and acquire the abilities needed for active citizenship and an international perspective.