RILLS cares, for students and for their families because RILLS listens, guides, advises and counsels. Young parents are helped to improve their parenting skills. RILLS feels responsible for the whole child, not just for academic achievement.


Students are taught honestly and are assessed honestly, and, the results are honestly made. Parents are given a true report   of their children’s progress rather than one which contains fake grades. Teachers work extremely hard to teach well, their enthusiasm and positive attitude are reflected in their student’s approach towards learning. RILLS students, when they   make mistakes own up, because they are not afraid of out of proportion consequences. They know how to apologies and then to make amendments. Religious and moral values are not rituals confined to a subject but are a part of daily life.


RILLS listens to parents. Their suggestions and feedback are valued and considered for action. At RILLS parents and school form a team and work together on the same side to ensure whatever is best for the child. At RILLS each child is a unique individual and is treated as such, children do not become anonymous creatures, one of many, ignored for not being exceptional.


RILLS is unique As soon as visitors step through the gate they notice the difference, not just the shady trees and lush green grass or the litter free play areas, it is the cheerful dispositions and exquisite manners of the students. RILLS children greet every visitor with a smiling”Asalaam-o-Alaikum” and “an offer to help”. There are the normal sounds of children interacting, at work or at play, and they are happy sounds. Never will one hear shouts or screams of anger or distress. This is because they are heard with patience and respect when they speak and because teachers never raise their voices to scold, to insult or to out-shout them. Children’s negative behavior is always handled with patience and with reasoning. Consequently they also calm down and learn to discuss rather than force their point of view. That is why there are no bullies at RILLS, amongst the students or the teachers. Discipline is for a purpose, it is a means to an end not the end itself.


RILLS reaches beyond the scope of text books to help teachers and school administrators to ensure all students reach their full potential. RILLS provides a safe, consistent, nurturing environment that ensures the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of children at their own rate. The unique personality, culture, needs, abilities and learning style of each child are accepted and appreciated as the staff works in the best interest of the children.