At RILLS, we believe that children are a precious gift of Allah and our greatest natural resource. Every child has the potential to achieve success based on his unique skills and talents, who deserves to be treated with love and respect. We know that a child thrives when given the chance to spend his early childhood in a home like nurturing environment with warm, caring and dedicated adults. The staff and administration at RILLS are united in their commitment to the belief that all students can learn properly and they are the center of the educational process.


All students at RILLS are being helped to attain their maximum potential. RILLS places a high priority on catering to the different abilities of each student. Class are being taught on a group or individual basis. Students are being helped to explore their own thinking and develop ideas through games, discussions, research and practical activities. We emphasize independent and original thoughts to take students away from mindless rote learning. We at RILLS are taking care of all your children’s needs from the alphabet to research work, from table manners to practical life skills. RILLS aims to achieve the highest standards in curriculum as well as behavior of its students, in the emergent Kamoke.