The School aims to:

  • Develop an understanding of the value of education as an end in itself and to instill a love of excellence and culture
  • Encourage the achievement of the highest academic standards and individual potential
  • Provide a broad and varied range of subjects and activities, offering each student the opportunity to develop his/her talents within school
  • Educate the whole person so that the students leave school with a sense of self-worth, self-discipline, and an ability to contribute with confidence with an increasingly competitive and technological world
  • Draw on the School’s social, cultural and religious mix of pupils to enable the students to live and grow in an atmosphere of mutual respect
  • Encourage qualities of caring, kindness, honesty and loyalty and foster high moral standards


The statement of values was designed in consultation with students. 

  • Respect others regardless of age, race or background
  • Share with others
  • Work in team as a good team member
  • Help to create a caring environment where all relationships are open and friendly
  • Be honest when dealing with others
  • Listen to others with respect
  • Discourage malicious gossip and realize that teasing can go too far
  • Be happy at others’ success and give support in times of disappointment
  • Value co-curricular achievements as well as academic success
  • Keep the school clean and tidy and show respect for others’ property