RILLS was founded in 2007 “To impart to the students the real education to prepare them for their life and make them effective and responsible citizens of this world.” Today, RILLS maintains the guiding principles by encouraging each individual pupil to achieve educational excellence over a broad range of subjects and to develop an awareness of his/her own value and a sense of responsibility towards others.


RILLS is a learning community that nurtures each student’s individual abilities. RILLS reaches beyond the scope of text books to help teachers and school administrators to ensure all students reach their full potential.

RILLS provides a safe, consistent, cherishing environment that encourages the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of children at their own rate. The unique personality, culture, needs, abilities and learning style of each child are accepted and appreciated as the staff works in the best interest of the children


At RILLS, we believe that children are a precious gift of Allah and our greatest natural resource. Every child has the potential to achieve success based on his unique skills and talents, who deserves to be treated with love and respect. We know that a child thrives when given the chance to spend his early childhood in a home like nurturing environment with warm, caring and dedicated adults. The staff and administration at RILLS are united in their commitment to the belief that all the students can learn properly and they are the centre of the educational process.


All the students at RILLS, are helped to attain their maximum potential. RILLS places a high priority on catering to the different abilities of each student. Classes are taught on a group or individual basis. Students are helped to explore their own thinking and develop ideas through games, discussions, competitions, research and practical activities. We emphasize independent and original thoughts to take students away from mindless rote learning. We at RILLS, take care of all your children’s needs from the alphabet to research work, from table manners to practical life skills. RILLS aims to achieve the highest standards in curriculum as well as behavior of its students, in the contemporary world.


RILLS offers a rich and stimulating curriculum. It includes a foreign language (all children learn Spoken English from Reception onwards), national language, art, design and basic sciences. Core subject like Maths and English give the children the excellent literacy and numeracy skills they need, whatever path they choose in life. Urdu language curriculum helps to compose proud Pakistanis, whereas, Islamic Studies curriculum covers nitty-gritty of Islam. Science curriculum introduces the excitement of scientific investigation while our lively Social Studies curriculum gives the students a deeper understanding of the world in which they live. Every child can shine at RILLS – whether they are wizards at Maths, have an eye for design, or are great in the playground.

 Our curriculum encourages children’s ability to:

  • Take initiative
  • Develop self discipline
  • Develop social relations
  • Work with other children
  • Express themselves
  • Develop creativity and spirit of inquiry
  • Become self motivated
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Solve problems

 The curriculum focuses on

  • strong academic achievement
  • personality development
  • public speaking for confidence
  • real life skills for independence
  • ethics, morals, integrity and responsibility