General Information

  • The school year is divided into two terms, AUGUST to DECEMBER and JANUARY to JUNE.
  • Mid-term assessments are carried out in October and March.
  • Exams are conducted in January and in June.
  • Pass percentage is 40%.
  • Absence without a leave application will entail a zero mark in tests and exams. There are no retests.
  • A leave application written by one of the parents or the guardian is to be submitted in advance.
  • In case of emergency the application may be handed in on the student’s return to school.
  • A certain amount of homework is given every day for reinforcement and practice.
  • Parents are to only supervise the work, and the children are to do it independently.
  • Parents may visit the school as often as they wish, but with a prior appointment from the school office.
  • Students are to be dropped at school and picked up at the specific school timings.
  • The school will not be held responsible for children who arrive more than 60 minutes before time or are picked up 60 minutes after school is over.
  • In case of delay due to an emergency the child is looked after.
    Students are to bring a packed snack for break. The food should be nourishing and preferably homemade.
  • Sweets, candies, cola drinks and junk food are not allowed.
  • Students are to dress according to the recommended dress code.
    Jewelry and expensive watches are not to be worn.