RILLS was founded in 2007 “To impart to the students the very best education which can be given and to fit them for any future which may be before them.” Today, the School maintains these guiding principles by encouraging each individual pupil to achieve educational excellence over a broad range of subjects and to develop an awareness of his/her own value and a sense of responsibility towards others 
 Freedom of thought and expression. 
 Freedom from discrimination. 
 Respect others regardless of age, race or background. 
 Help to create a caring environment where all relationships are open and friendly. 
 Be honest when dealing with others. 
 Discourage malicious gossip and realise that teasing can go too far. 
 Be happy at others’ success and give support in times of disappointment. 
 Value extra-curricular achievements as well as academic success. 
 Keep our school clean and tidy and show respect for others’ property.


 Develop an understanding of the value of education as an end in itself and to instill a love of excellence and culture 
 Encourage the achievement of the highest academic standards and individual potential 
 Encourage the achievement of the highest academic standards and individual potential 
 Educate the whole person so that the students leave school with a sense of self-worth, self-discipline, and an ability to contribute with confidence with an 
increasingly competitive and technological world Public speaking for confidence 
 Draw on the School’s social, cultural and religious mix of pupils to enable the students to live and grow in an atmosphere of mutual respect 
 Encourage qualities of caring, kindness, honesty and loyalty and foster high moral standards