FEE RULES & REGULATIONS with Percentage Bifriecation

All fees (except security deposit) once paid are not refundable under any circumstances.
It is the parent ‘s responsibility to pay the dues in time.
Late payment fines are payable without concession.
If a child is absent without leave for a period of more than two weeks, he will be deemed to have left school and will have to undergo the complete admission
procedure in order to regain entry.
In case of withdrawal, a written application must reach the office at least one month before the beginning of the next fee term.
A security refund will be granted only if:
a. The school has received the withdrawal notice.
b. Full fee for three months during which the pupil leaves has been paid.
c. The refund is claimed within one year from the date
The fee terms in an academic year are as follows:
1. September – November
2. December – February
3. March – May
4. June – August
Fee structure for the year 2015 – 16 is as follows:

Registration Fee Rs.1,000 once
Admission Fee Rs.5,000 once
Security Fee Rs.5,000 once (refundable)
Annual Reception – O Level Rs.5,000 per year
Library Level 1 – O Level Rs.1,000 per year
Laboratory Level 6 – O Level Rs.1,000 per year
Computer Lab O Level Rs.1,000 per year


Per Term Normal Fee 1 Month
X 100 %
1Month X 75 % 3Months
X 75 %
1 Month
X 50 %
3 Months X 50 %
Reception to Montessori Rs.11,400 per term 3800 2850 8550 1900 5700
Level 1 to 5 Rs.12,300 per term 4100 3075 9225 2050 6150
Level 6 to 8 Rs.13,500 per term 4500 3375 10125 2250 6750
O Levels Rs.18,000 per term 6000


Children of the same parents, admitted in RILLS (upto level VIII), will get advantage in tuition fee and pay as below:
First child      100%
Second child      75%
Third, Fourth etc.     50%

The management of RILLS reserves the right to revise the fee structure as and when required or change any of the above rules.