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  • Responsibilities of Parents

    Parents have a vital role in a child’s social, emotional and physical growth of the students.


    1. They should provide their children with school uniform /dresses according to their school needs.
    2. Make them ready for school early morning.
    3. Ensure that the children have taken proper breakfast.
    4. Check their bags early morning so they may not miss any thing required in school.
    5. Prepare their lunch boxes.
    6. Leave/send them at school in time.
    7. Ask them about the activities of the day when they return.
    8. Ask them what was most exiting/disturbing at school on the day.
    9. Ask them about the assignments given and make them sit to complete assignments.
    10. Provide a place where the child can sit alone and complete home assignments.
    11. Be aware of all the activities child does at home.
    12. Set a schedule for them to have fun, play, watch TV, use computer and take rest at given time.
    13. Make them sleep at night early (7PM for pre schoolers and 9 PM for senior students)
    14. Come for meetings at least once a month to know the progress/share the issues of the students.
    15. Remain in contact with the school.
    16. Attend all the programs/functions at school especially when their own child is participating.
    17. Pay the fee/other dues of the children to school in time.
  • Documentation Requirements

    When you come to school to register your child, please bring all of the required documents listed below:

    • Original birth certificate or certified birth certificate
    • Proof of guardianship (proof that the adult registering the child is the parent/legal guardian). Name on birth certificate should match the parent/guardian picture ID or court documents of legal custody.
    • Official school records from another school system or country, if applicable and available.
    • Medical information that includes immunization records as well as physical assessment and tuberculosis screening done within the 12 months prior to starting school.
    • Latest photograph of the child
    • Photocopies of national I.D. Cards of the parents (both father and mother)
    • Blood group of the child




  • Pick & Drop by Parents/Guardians
    • Unfamiliar adults are not allowed to collect the pupils from RILLS until they tell the recognition number of the child and administration of RILLS receives a phone call from the parents. So inform school when you send any unfamiliar adult to pick the child.
    • Parents/Guardians must have pupils picked up within 30 minutes of the closing time. RILLS will not be responsible for any pupil’s safety 30 minutes after closing.
    • No pupil is allowed to leave the premises of RILLS before the closing time, except in an emergency and with the written permission of the Administration.
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    Dear RILLS Families: It is with great pleasure that I introduce myself, Riasat Ali Asad, as a principal of RILLS. My passion for education and the success of all students has been shaped over my years serving as a teacher, central office staff member, assistant principal and principal. In each role, I have sought to ensure the success of each student and school by providing the best educational and extracurricular opportunities possible. Similarly, it is my number one priority at RILLS that every student receives a well-rounded education.
    Mr. Riasat Ali Asad
    Chief Executive
    10 Years Celebrating